Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dangers of Teething Necklaces?

"New amber necklace warning
after near-strangulation"
Read this article: HERE
So I have been asked by quite a few moms my opinion on this incident since it has gone viral. I've decided to respond here to answer a few of your questions… this is a LONG post but very important. So please read!

First, I want to say that we do not sell Baltic Amber Necklaces but Hazelwood Necklaces, mostly because my personal preference for my own children has been to heal naturally by REMOVING toxins (acidity) from the body by using Hazelwood (whereas Baltic Amber releases succinic acid INTO the body which supposedly helps with pain relief). This article states there is no science behind Baltic Amber being effective, because the natural temperature of the body does not get hot enough in order for the succinic acid to actually be released into the body. Whereas it's evident to the wearer of Hazelwood that it is drawing OUT the acidity, as they see the wood turning black with the absorption of the acid (high acidity levels exacerbate the pain from teething and many other symptoms from digestive issues to skin conditions -- this is why Hazelwood works for teething pain, as well as help babies with colic/reflux and aid in healing eczema). However I've always said that moms are the best judge of what works best for their child! Only YOU can decide that!

Second, I want to comment about the injury. In my opinion this necklaced was not sized correctly for this child. This is not the  moms fault. Maybe there were no sizing instructions that came with it. As per Quinn & Lane's sizing instructions, all Hazelwood worn on children under 5 years of age should fit SNUG! The necklace should be no more than 1.5" - 2" longer than the neck measurement. This is just enough room to allow two fingers to fit between the Necklace and the child's neck. If sized properly, your child would never be able to feed their arm through the necklace like this child had. If your child can pull the necklace up over it's chin, it is TOO BIG!!!

Third, I want to talk about the clasp. As far as my knowledge goes with Baltic Amber Necklaces, they all (should) come with a breakaway clasp. It's hard to tell in this picture if this necklace's clasp breaks apart under pressure. But I'm assuming it does and I don't know any seller/maker of Baltic Amber that would not put a breakaway clasp on their necklaces. But having said that, some clasps require a fair amount of pressure to be applied in order for it to actually snap apart. Ideally, there really shouldn't be much pressure required, and had the clasp on this necklace been a good safety clasp, the necklace "should have" broke open under the amount of pressure that was applied due to the child being stuck. So PLEASE check your child's necklaces to see just how hard it is to pull open. If it does not pull open easily, DO NOT use it!

OUR CLASPS: This is where our clasps for our Hazelwood necklaces are different. They are screw-post safety clasps that are designed to come apart at the loop-end. It does not take much pressure when the necklace is pulled on, for the clasp to open up and the necklace to fall loose (without losing it's beads). For anyone who has ever had me replace a broken/lost clasp, they can attest that it does not take much pressure to fall loose. As it should be! And this is why I will NOT use any other type of clasp (even though it is requested often). The ability of teething necklaces to pull apart and fall loose under a small amount of pressure is SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY!

If you currently own a Quinn & Lane Hazelwood necklace I encourage you to TEST THE CLASP out. Remove the necklace from your child's neck. Close the clasp and start to gently pull the necklace apart. What do you see happening? The clasp loop ends immediately start to open up without very much pressure! This is what it is designed to do (fyi you can use a set of pliers to gently re-close the loop end of the clasp now that you've opened it up). Go on, try it! And don't worry, if you happen to pull too hard in the process of this test, and can't get it back together, I will replace your clasp for FREE! I happily repair/replace many clasps each month because of this. Every time I hear a necklace has been pulled off, I'm actually happy (even though the parent is sometimes rather annoyed) it's always better to be safe than sorry!

I also have a Hazelwood FAQ. Please read it HERE
Hazelwood Necklaces provide natural healing relief from
teething, eczema, migraines, acne, colic, reflux, heartburn,
nausea, arthritis, constipation, digestive issues & more!

If you have more questions, post them below! I'm happy to answer whatever it is you want to ask!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

No, I do NOT know all the words to "Let it Go"

In fact, I had to actually google the song title to write this blog post. Cause honestly, all I could think of was the title "Let Her Cry". Then I realized that's cause it's an awesome Hootie and the Blowfish song. I am not literate in the "Frozen" world. For some odd reason, Frozen is one of the only Disney movies my boys do not care for. So no, I do not know all the words to the song (clearly, I don't even know the song title). And I look like a complete idiot when moms are talking with their kids about the movie, and they turn to me and say "oh you know what it's like". Ummm…. no I don't.

Instead I'm immersed into a world of Lego, Skulls, Pirates, (occasionally Dora) and mostly all BOY things! Not saying Frozen is not for the boys. But just not my boys. So for all you non-Frozen moms out there (and for the few other strange children who did not like the movie) here is some awesome new Quinn & Lane swag that is NOT Frozen related..
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And of course for you Frozen freaks fans… (did you really think I would forget about you and leave you out of this awesomeness?)
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Now the only catch to these beauties is that they are EXCLUSIVE to Facebook Fans only! All my character Mitten Clips can be viewed and ordered through the Quinn & Lane Facebook Fan Page. However for those of you who prefer to shop through my Etsy page, you will be happy to find tons more different styles there too! Check them out under the Mitten Clips section!

Oh, and for the Hootie fans, here you go…

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hazelwood Necklace FAQ

I get a lot of questions daily about Quinn & Lane Hazelwood Necklaces. So I've decided to make a post designed to help answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get. If your question is not answered here, feel free to comment or send me a message. I am always revising this FAQ list to include more!

Hazelwood Necklaces provide natural healing relief from
teething, eczema, migraines, acne, colic, reflux, heartburn,
nausea, arthritis, constipation, digestive issues & more! 

What is Hazewood and how does it work?

Hazelwood has been used for centuries by aboriginal people to help treat symptoms of common ailments, by neutralizing the acidity in the body. Quinn & Lane's Hazelwood is made from the branches of Hazelwood trees that are farmed in Quebec. They are hand cut and hand drilled. By wearing the Hazelwood beads in constant contact with your skin, it absorbs the acidity through your skin, into the wood which helps relieve symptoms from ailments such as: teething, colic, ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne), arthritis, constipation, migraines/headaches, sensitive & bleeding gums, digestive issues and even helps reduce dental cavities! They are also great for helping ease nausea from pregnancy! Quinn & Lane Hazewlood necklaces are safe and natural, and can be worn on newborns, pregnant mothers and everyone in between! Important: In order for your Hazelwood Necklace to be effective, it must be worn 24/7, even in the bath or shower and while sleeping. It only needs to be removed if you are swimming in chlorinated water.

What size do I need?

To get the best fit, it is always advised to measure at the base of the neck. For children/babies under 5 years old, it is recommended that the necklace be no more 1.5" to 2" longer than the neck measurement to prevent the necklaces from being pulled up over the chin into the mouth. This size will yield a nice snug fit (see picture below), allowing for two fingers to fit between the necklace and the neck. For older children, teens and adult sizing, it is recommended the necklace be at least 2" to 3" longer than the neck measurement. Depending on your preference you may want it a bit longer if you prefer to wear longer necklaces.

A necklace should fit snug on a child under 5 years of age to
prevent them from pulling it up over their chin into their mouth. 

Do you make Hazelwood bracelets/anklets?
I can certainly make any size you like, wether you want to wear Hazelwood around your neck, wrist or ankle. However, keep in mind that Hazelwood is effective only when it's in constant contact with your skin. The more Hazelwood beads you have in contact with your skin, the more acidity it's able to absorb. And while wearing it around your wrist or ankle is "cute", it isn't always laying flat that way, and not making very good contact with your skin and may not be as effective.

How quickly does it start working?

Because everyone's symptoms vary in degree and frequency, it's not possible to say exactly how long before you notice improvement. However most of my customers report that they see a dramatic improvement in symptoms within the first 24-48 hours, with continual improvement afterwards.

How will I know when it's time to replace my necklace? How long do they last?

On average, necklaces last approximately 3 months. Depending on how acidic your body is, will determine how long the necklace lasts. The more acidic you are, the more frequently you will need to replace your necklace. You will know when it's time to replace your necklace when symptoms start to return. You can also tell by the colour of the ends of the Hazelwood beads. They will turn black, compared to the nice bright cream colour of brand new beads (see picture below). Hazelwood beads can only absorb so much acidity before it will no longer be effective. So if you are unsure, it is recommended you replace your necklace after at least 3 months of use.

Generally, necklaces should be replaced every 3 months,
or sooner if symptoms return. When you see the ends of your
Hazelwood beads have turned black like this (compared to a
new bead above) , then it's time to replace your necklace!

What do you mean by "Safety Clasp"?

All Quinn & Lane Hazelwood Necklaces are made with a Safety Clasp. These clasps are designed to "open up" under a certain amount of pressure, so that the necklace falls loose without losing any beads (see pic below). This is a safety feature to prevent strangulation or choking. Most of the time, the looped end of the wire can be hooked back onto the open end of the clasp, and a pair of needle nose pliers can be used to pinch the clasp closed. Sometimes though, if the necklace has been pulled on hard enough, both ends of the clasp can open up and the clasp can be lost. In this case I offer free replacement of the clasp. I can either mail you a new one, or if you are local you are welcome to stop in for a free repair!

The Safety Clasp is designed to "open up" so the necklace
falls loose without spilling beads. Most of the time this
minor repair can be done at home yourself!

Can you make my necklace with a different clasp instead?

No. I will only use the Safety Clasp as mentioned above due to safety reasons. I realize you can get magnetic safety clasps, however there is always a chance the clasp could fall off and if a magnetic clasp were to be swallowed it can be very dangerous. I also realize that some would prefer a non Safety Clasp for an adult necklace. However, you will be glad you have the safety clasp should you ever get your necklace caught or tugged on by a child, as it will fall loose instead of break, avoiding the spill of beads everywhere!

Is it safe for my baby to sleep with a necklace on?

Because of the safety clasp yes. Should the necklace get caught or pulled on, it will break free to prevent strangulation or choking. However it is recommended for infants (or babies who tend to play with their necklaces) to double wrap it around their ankle under one-piece sleepers while napping and at night as an extra precaution.

Is there any chance of allergic reaction to Hazelwood?

While it's impossible to say that Hazelwood is hypoallergenic, it has never been reported that anyone has had an allergic reaction to wearing Hazelwood. Even those with nut allergies have worn Hazelwood with no side effects. The clasp itself is lead/nickel free however if you feel you may experience a reaction to the metal if you are sensitive, you can always apply a clear coat of nail varnish or some tape around the clasp to prevent any reaction.

Won't my baby just play with it and try and pull it off?

You would be surprised at how little interest your kiddo will take in his/her new necklace. Even the most busiest hands usually forget about it after an hour or so and never bother with it. However, if you do find that your child will not leave the necklace alone, try starting off with short periods of wearing. An hour at a time, gradually increasing how long he/she wears it, until you can keep it on them full time without them playing with it. The necklaces are very light weight and comfortable and in no time your little one will not even notice it's there!

Why do you use such small "seed beads" between the Hazelwood pieces? Can you make mine with larger beads and/or charms?

While larger beads and charms are certainly cute, Quinn & Lane's main priorities for these necklaces is safety and function. Charms will always pose a choking hazard, a risk that we are not willing to take. As for larger beads, they prevent the Hazelwood from making contact with the skin, which would render the necklace non-functional. We chose decorative beads that are smaller in diameter than the Hazelwood beads themselves, so that 100% of all the Hazelwood beads are making perfect contact with your skin! But don't worry, we have so many colour choices available you will never feel that your necklace isn't "cute" -- be creative and mix up as many colours as you like for a unique custom look each time!

Is it normal for some of the bark to chip off?

Yes! Hazelwood beads are all natural, and made from dried Hazelwood. When wood dries out it can cause the bark to chip off or even a bead to crack! While it doesn't happen very often, any bark that comes loose should be peeled off. This does NOT affect the benefits or use of the necklace at all. In fact it just enhances it's natural rustic look! However, should a Hazelwood bead crack and start coming loose from the wire,  contact me right away and I will replace your necklace at no charge. Due to the fact that it is a natural product, it can happen from time to time (although again I emphasize "not often") but I will make sure you get a replacement. Do not wear the necklace should a Hazelwood bead crack and/or come right off the wire. Simply take a picture, send it to me and then dispose of the necklace right away. Note: This replacement only includes damage from normal wear and tear and or natural product defect. Should the necklace be abused, stepped on or chewed, it will not be replaced under our guarantee and a new one will have to be purchased. Replacement is only offered during the first 2 months of a necklace's life.

What is the difference between Baltic Amber vs. Hazelwood?

When worn against warm skin, Baltic Amber (which is fossilized tree sap – not a stone) releases succinic acid into the body, which is a natural pain reliever. Hazelwood works in the opposite way by removing harmful acidity from the body through the skin into the wood. While the succinic acid released by Baltic Amber is natural and harmless, at Quinn & Lane our chosen method for symptom relief is removing toxins from the body, not adding anything to the body. Some prefer Baltic Amber over Hazelwood, but most achieve more healing success with Hazelwood alone. Some even choose to wear both at the same time! It's all personal preference. However, Baltic Amber must NOT be worn in the bath/shower or when swimming. Hazelwood can!

How do I order? How much are they? How much is shipping?

You can easily place your order through our online shop HERE. Or visit www.quinnandlane.etsy.com or even send me an email quinnandlane@live.com! Necklaces are $12-$15 each (depending on size) and we ship worldwide for a flat rate, regardless of how many you order: Only $2.75 to Canada, $3.50 to US and $7.50 Everywhere Else!

If I haven't answered your question above, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me! I will be sure to continue to update this FAQ as more questions arise! Happy Healing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yay for May! Exciting Month for Quinn & Lane!

I'm so excited it's finally May! For many reasons… mostly because the snow is GONE!!! Well there's still a couple random patches left here and there but let's just say its gone! It's been the LONGEST winter ever -- 6 full months of snow and bitter cold here in Timmins Ontario! I might have mentioned that already a few dozen times once or twice.

And I'm also excited about May because of all the awesome stuff going on at Quinn & Lane. Here is what you have to look forward to:

Bush Babies North Bay ON

(1) In case you missed my Facebook post about it, Bush Babies Boutique in North Bay now has a great selection of Quinn & Lane Hazelwood Necklaces in stock! So if you are in that area, head over and pick one up! Support local businesses! They have a Facebook Page too!

(2) I'm also happy to announce that I've partnered up with Wifessionals and many other awesome shops for a May Giveaway! You'll want to check our her Facebook page HERE and follow @wifessionals on Instagram to get in on the huge giveaway featuring Quinn & Lane products! It hasn't been posted yet (as of today) but I will make sure I share the link in the comments below when the giveaway goes live, and also on the Quinn & Lane Facebook Page! You don't want to miss it! ***update, click HERE for the giveaway details which is now LIVE!

Snap Elastic Toddler Belts
(3) I've manage to get my hands on some past "out of stock" styles of Snap Elastic Belts to bring them back into the shop! They should be arriving soon, you've been asking for them so I'm happy to say we will have some more available for purchase this month! AND… I'm also brining in some solid colours too! So keep your eye out in the shop for those in the next week or two!

(4) I've been feeding my ribbon addiction and should have some new Pacifier Clips listed in the shop this month too! I can't wait for you to see the new styles/colours I've chosen! I know you'll love them!

Mother's Day Sale this Weekend!
(5) Mother's Day is this weeeekend! Woot! I'm so looking forward to it this year, now that the boys are a little older to understand and celebrate! And because us moms work so hard, and are always thinking of others before ourselves, I've decided to host a special Mother's Day SALE this SUNDAY (May 11th) only! So even though you will be buying for your little one (again) at least this time you can save a little money! So be sure to check out the Quinn & Lane Facebook Page on Sunday for details!

(6) Finally, I'm excited about another Giveaway! I haven't figured out all the details yet, but we are do for another one! I'm open to suggestions for what you would like to see as the prize, anything from the shop can be up for grabs, so send me a message or leave your comments here! Details will be posted on Facebook soon!

That's it for now, I hope the weather continues to warm up, and I'm so grateful the snow is all gone (wait, did I say that already)?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dealing with Eczema - "Organic, All Natural, Clean" Products… is it true?

It's been almost 4 years since I was thrust into the world of eczema and learning how to deal with it. It started with Quinn around a few weeks old when he developed a "rash" on his face which proceeded to blister and weep (leak). Several doctors visits confirmed it was eczema, wrote me a prescription for hydrocortisone and sent me home. Of course I never use any medications or creams on my kids without consulting Dr. Google first. Whoa. Was that ever an eye opener! And so began the long journey of learning how to help clear my sons eczema and all about the horrible ingredients in our skin care products (especially baby products).

Now, I'm by no means a tree-hugging, earth-loving, environmentalist. Don't get me wrong, I do what I can to reduce our carbon footprint, but if someone had suggested to me (before having kids) to carefully check my skin care ingredients I would have rolled my eyes. But when all of a sudden you are holding an innocent baby in your arms, with sores all over his face and he's crying in pain, you start to re-think your pre-conceived notions about what's safe and what's not.

I wanted to write a post about this because I frequently talk to other moms who's babies also suffer from bad eczema. They come to me for help and to purchase Hazelwood Necklaces (more on that later), so I find myself in a position to be able to help. Also note that any information here also applies to adult eczema too!

The Dirty Dozen
Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid
First I want to start off by mentioning the Dirty Dozen. It's a list of 12 ingredients commonly found in skin care products (as well as soaps and shampoos) that are not only harmful on the irritant level (which makes eczema and other skin conditions worse) but are also cancer causing (I know that's a loaded statement, but click the link, have a quick read and decide for yourself).

The next thing I want to mention is all the products labeled "Organic", "Natural/All Natural", "Clean", etc. Be wary of these labels. Instead of taking them for face value, simply read the ingredients list. Check for any of the "Dirty Dozen" ingredients to truly know if you are dealing with something that is even remotely close to "Natural". Did you know that by simply adding in some aloe or cucumber extract, you can then label your product as "natural"? Doesn't mean that the rest of the ingredients are good. As for organic products, that's easy. In order for a product to legitimately claim it is 100% organic, it will have "Certified Organic" label on it's packaging. No label? Then it's probably not 100% certified organic. So save your change.

Once you've checked your current products ingredients (and tossed out the ones containing any of the dirty dozen), it's time to start an even bigger elimination process to find the cause of the eczema. Eczema is not just caused by what you put on your skin. In fact, your skin care routine is only part of what exacerbates an already underlying problem. Eczema can be caused my many factors: Stress, Diet/Allergies, Environmental Issues, etc. Here is a more in-depth list to help you determine what factors may be playing a part in your baby's (or your own) cause of eczema: Triggers of Eczema from the National Eczema Foundation. It can be a long process to find and eliminate the triggers from the list. And it's not always possible to eliminate everything (maybe due to environmental factors and/or nutritional needs). So what do you do when you've done all you can up to this point?

Here is MY OWN personal list of 3 little tips/tricks I've developed over the years that have helped us to completely eliminate eczema in our family!!!

(1) Less is Best: Before you go out and start hunting down certified organic products to replace the ones you threw out containing the Dirty Dozen ingredients, start by eliminating all products in your routine. Wash with only warm water and a soft cloth. For babies, limit baths to 1-2 times a week and only in warm water. The hotter the water, the quicker it will dry out the skin. Make baths short and sweet.

(2) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: The best moisturizer to start with is organic Olive, Almond or Coconut oil. All of these are readily available at most grocery stores in the organic section. My preference is Coconut Oil. It's less messy (it's actually solid, which melts in your hand as you rub it in) and it smells awesome! Make sure you moisturize right after the bath/shower, and several times a day. As often as you can, and don't be shy. Slather it on. Not only will this help clear up the eczema, it also helps keep it from coming back providing you moisturize often. Read more about the many benefits of Coconut Oil (here). We used to keep Quinn so greased up he inherited the nickname "French Fry" (which has kind of stuck). NOTE: a lot of people recommend to use Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) or Baby Oil (Mineral Oil). Even doctors recommend these. But did you know that both of these these are simply by-products from manufacturing gasoline? And did you know it's actually cheaper for the manufacturing plants to bottle and sell the waste labeled "baby oil" or "mineral oil" rather than dispose of it? Think about that the next time you have the urge to use them.

Replace your Hazelwood Necklace
every 3 months (or when you see the
ends of the beads have turned black).
(3) Hazelwood: it's been used for centuries to help babies with teething pain. But is also a great way to help relieve the symptoms of eczema in both babies and adults! Eczema can be exacerbated by a high level of acidity in the body. Hazelwood (when worn as a necklace), helps neutralize the acidity in the body by drawing it through the skin, out of the body and into the wood! You can see it working as the Hazelwood pieces turn black on the ends over time as it absorbs the acid from the body soaking it up into the wood. By wearing a Hazelwood Necklace 24/7, dramatic improvement is noticed very quickly, and also helps keep the eczema at bay and reduces the frequency of breakouts. Remember: you must replace your Hazelwood Necklace every 3 months (or when you see  the ends have turned black). Another good indication it needs replacing is you will see a frequent re-occurance of eczema breakouts.

By following just these 3 simple suggestions, and being vigilant about them, you will be well on your way to clearing up your baby's (or your own) eczema very quickly, and keeping it away!

Earth Mama Angel Baby
Certified Organic Products
Now you ask: but I can't keep bathing/showering with no soap forever! And you are right. You will at some point want/need to re-introduce some skin care products into your routine. Start small. Start with a shampoo and/or body wash. Remember to check your ingredients for the Dirty Dozen and avoid any products that contain them in their list. There are many great Certified Organic products on the market to choose from. So you will need to do a little bit of research yourself to find ones you like. My personal favourite is the line of products from Earth Mama Angel Baby. They have the highest standards for Certified Organic products of any other company I've researched. They are well aware of the Dirty Dozen List and have helped so many babies and families suffering with skin conditions. And not only are their products safe, they smell AHHHHH-mazing!!!! You will quickly wonder what you ever found nice about other baby products, when you first smell the Angel Baby line! I dare you not to nibble on their little toes after you've washed them and lathered them up! And, they also have a line of adult products, and scent free as well! Total win-win for the whole family! Most specialty baby shops carry their line of products, as do health food stores and Well.ca also carries their whole line and ships FREE!

But remember: start slow. Reintroduce products into your routine one at a time. If any reactions occur, then stop using it immediately. Revert back to the "Less is Best" plan mentioned above, until any reaction clears up and start again with a different product until you find one that works for you and your family!

And just a final note… now that summer is coming, don't forget about your sunscreen! There are most likely some Dirty Dozen ingredients in there too! A quick search of the web will help you find some wonderful products that are Certified Organic and work just as well (if not better) than your current sunscreen. My favourite? Green Beaver! Safe for kids!

If you have any questions or any tips/tricks of your own I'd love to hear them! Please leave a comment and let's chat!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

We Committed an Easter Crime

We had company from out of town this weekend. So the Easter Bunny came Friday night for the boys to celebrate Saturday morning allowing our company to fully enjoy the experience of our kids excitement. I shared some pictures on my personal Facebook on Saturday of the festivities only to be met with comments that suggested we had our days mixed up and celebrated on the wrong day. I really thought at one point we had committed some big Easter faux pas. But then decided, meh…who cares what others think (I really need to remind myself of that more often).

Lane enjoying all the "gawk-let",
(chocolate). Look at the floor!
Anyway, the boys really had a lot of fun. Lane was totally into all the chocolate. Or "gawk-let" as he says it. He really understood the point of the egg hunt this year, and had a blast looking for "more gawk-let mama"! Luckily he got distracted by other things so I was able to re-hide some of the chocolate for another day (like far away, in the depths of my cupboards for when I need a melty-goodness treat myself). Hey. Don't judge!

Captain America (aka Quinn),
planning his next big rescue!
Quinn loved the egg hunt too, but was way more into the toys. He's been asking for months for some Captain America gear. The bunny was generous this year and provided exactly what he wanted. He was so proud wearing his helmet all day. It made him feel quite special. He kept rescuing us "wescue you mom" all day. Apparently we are in need of a lot of rescuing during the day in the eyes of an almost 4 year old.

I hope your festivities will filled with lots of love, laughter, fun & family! We certainly felt very blessed this weekend for so many reasons.

Oh and on a little side-note, I've been slacking in the Friday Freebie department for the last two weeks. But I promise I will have a new one up this Friday and it will totally be worth the wait :)