Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Friday somewhere right?

Well ok, maybe not. But I'm going to pretend.

Right now I should be doing housework and cleaning up my studio (who knew we had hurricanes here in Northern Ontario that rip right through the entire inside your house silently while you sleep)? Anyway, I should be cleaning because I'm having some company over later today...

DH is away on business, so I invited my brother's girlfriend to come and spend the day with me (she'll be sleeping over aswell considering we probably won't be in any condition to drive later).

I'm making my specialty drink tonight, my own concoction that I like to call "Monkey Farts". If you know me, you pretty much know that I call anything with banana in it a Monkey Fart. So I like to say Fart. Big deal! It's probably my parents fault for making me say Fluff or Toot all those years. I feel like I'm a rebel now and can say the real word! It feels good!

Ok, I'll share my recipe with you so you can go around saying Fart too!

Monkey Fart Cocktail
1 oz Banana Liqueur
1 oz Vodka
1 cup Pinapple Juice
6 large ice cubes
(Best if blended all together to crush the ice, otherwise just serve over ice)

Now, if you're anything like me, you'll double the booze and cut back on the pinapple juice, and whip up a whole batch in a blender! Ah yes, life is good!

Happy Sipping,


  1. Luv your blog and yes I think a Monkey Fart is somewhere in my future! Thanks Catherine!

  2. This I have to try!! (only after finished my knee pain killers, off course!!!!!)... Looks juicy and fresh!! Thanks Catherine!!

  3. I need to see if my roomie has some of these ingredients. If not, we'll be making a trip to the store! Have fun!

  4. You do such good work. I love your bird banner. Do you make backgrounds also ? My other question is is where do you begin to learn to scrap digitally ? I scrapped for years and stopped because of FEAR of Photoshop. Some one told me I could use Microsoft Word ?
    Really love your opinion if you get a minute.

  5. Love me some Monkey fart...