Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't take your toilet seat for granted!

We have a wooden toilet seat. It broke last night. Well about 3am approximately. It already had a crack in it (care of the hubby) and it was doomed. I asked him to replace it a couple months ago. His theory is wait until it breaks.

Which is an ok theory if he is around 24/7 so he can actually be there when it does break to replace it. But he's been travelling out of country alot with his new job and isn't always home. Luckily he is home today and will be buying us a new one.

I just thank god it broke last night and not tomorrow, as he will be gone for 2 weeks and I have toilet issues (I could probably fix it myself if I wasn't so grossed out by toilets, and even just the thought of having to touch the seat with my hands to fix it makes me sick). Yeah, so that obviously gives away our secret that hubby is the toilet cleaner in this house. I just can't handle it. Ugh!

So I just want to say...don't take your intact toilet seat for granted.

Appreciating my toilet seat,

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  1. Cat how great to see you again and to hear your wonderful news, you're going to be a mommie!
    I have really missed your company since YMBD closed down so I've signed up to follow from now on.
    So glad you popped into Normandy today.
    Woo Hoo