Friday, May 14, 2010

I {heart} Oliver!

Woohoo! Basic Grey has finally "released" it's new lines Olivia & Oliver (see previous post)! I cannot wait to get my hands on the Oliver Collection for Quinn's book! Click the image to your left (or click HERE) to see the full Oliver collection!

Of course, there is the girl version of the collection (Olivia) but we aren't interested in that. Atleast not yet (maybe next year).


So cany anyone tell me where I can scoop this up online ASAP?!?!? Remember, I'm in Canada so shipping has to be via Canada Post or USPS and at a reasonable rate. If you are an online store that is going to be shipping this soon and can ship to Canada with the above requirements (or you know of an online store) please share a link here!!!!!

I want to buy this collection and cannot wait! Yummy!

Credit Card in hand ready to bring Oliver home,


  1. I have no idea where to get it...but it looks great!! I hope you can locate it!

  2. So cute. I am checking one of my favorite stores for you and I'll PM you on CT if they have it.

  3. Thanks! I ordered from Sam at Scrapbook Star

    She rocks! All I ever have to do is ask, and my wish is granted!