Monday, May 3, 2010

My Husband's Cooties LOVE me!!!

Unfortuantely...everytime my husband gets sick (which really isn't that often) I know I'm next. No matter what we do to try and avoid me catching his cooties, they just love me too much to leave me alone. No different this time.

Atleast he's feeling better today (which is good, cause he just left for business for two weeks and I hate it when he has to travel when he's sick), but now I'm the one suffering. Sore throat, stuffy nose...and it doesn't help that there isn't much I can take for it due to being pregnant. So that makes me 100x more miserable to be around.

Well, I'm gonna try and make the best of it. Try to spend atleast some time in my studio today, maybe get a couple cards made for my stash then rest for the afternoon. Wish me luck.

Lovingly looking after my husband's Cooties,

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