Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, I'm still pregnant...

...and NO, I have not "had that baby yet"! But soon!

I am now 36 weeks pregnant (photo is a little outdated, sorry). And technically we have 24 days to go until our scheduled c-section on July 19th. our last docs appointment this week, he said we might be celebrating Quinn's birthday a little earlier! I gained 9 pounds in 2 weeks and Mr. Quinn is estimated to have put on atleast a pound or two himself! Doc says he's growing really well and is pretty much "ready"!

So on our next appointment (July 6th) he's going to talk to us about maybe moving the c-section date up a bit! Woohoo! I'm so ready! I swear I'm getting bigger by the day!

On another note, my hubby is almost done his 18 weeks of training/traveling for his new job. Only one more week away (next week) and he will be home for the whole month of July! Woohoo! It's been really tough being away from eachother, especially the last few weeks seen as though I can no longer bend!

I was lucky to have him home all last week with me. We even took a mini-vacay overnight to Toronto (he had to go on business so I went with him). This was the perfect opportunity to visit our favorite Thai Food Restaurant "Linda" (Salad King). We sat outside on the patio in the cool night air and enjoyed our awesome dinner. It was a much needed break away from my every day of being stuck in the house. I feel like a Momma Bear who has been hibernating for the last 8 months and now I'm finally ready to come out of my Den!

Not long now...

Gettin' bigger & crankier by the day,


  1. Oh you must be super excited to move up the date! I'm excited for you!

  2. Enjoy this time, Catherine-your life is about to change!! :)

  3. Not long to go now Catherine...or has baby given you a surprise ???
    Can't wait to meet / see him !