Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scrappin' for (and with) Mr. Quinn

So the boy and I have been hanging out together in my studio today. I had planned to get a layout or two done for his album but that didn't happen. Instead I altered an old Basic Grey Lunchpail that I've had laying around for years. I needed something to keep all his cards & notes in from his birth. Also, I added a few more index tabs inside for future birthday cards, etc. Should come in handy (and fill up really fast I'm sure).

Mr. Quinn wasn't really all that impressed with all the creating I did today. Actually, he slept through it all....

Hard to believe I just cleaned up my studio yesterday isn't it? Gosh, it doesn't take long for the creative tornado to do damage does it?

Get crafty with my boy,


  1. I love that he is being introduced to your scrappy space so young! The pics are adorable.

  2. He's precious!! I am so glad you got some crafty time in! Yay!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I'm in my studio again today hoping to get something done!