Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not looking forward to doing that again!

So we took the Hobo for his first set of needles yesterday. Not the best day at all. He was so {HAPPY} when he woke up yesterday morning and was really enjoying his checkup at the doctors. He loves laying on the exam table naked, kicking at that crinkly paper that covers the exam table.

He was smiling, cooing, and SO SO SO {HAPPY}! He didn't know what was coming, but I did and I felt so mean! He tolerated the frst needle ok. Just a pout but then returned to smiles. Then the second needle came. The one that she said makes them gasp for air and lose their breath. Yeah, he did just that. Then SCREAMED! For like 10 minutes (which by the way felt much longer).

He wasn't much happier when we got home either. The only thing that seemed to console him was nursing. He didn't even want a bottle. So unlike him. So I nursed him until he fell asleep.

I'm happy to report though, that he is 100% better this morning and his {HAPPY} self again! He now weighs 11lbs 10oz (gained 3lbs 11oz since birth 8 weeks ago) and has grown 2 inches since birth. Measuring in the 50% percentile all around, doctor says he is just perfect!!! Can't believe my baby is already almost 2 months old. Feels like just yesterday we gave him his first bath...

Still feeling bad for my monkey,

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  1. OMG Catherine....he is adorable. Once again congrats and all the best with all the joys he will bring you. GORGEOUS page!!! I love forward to seeing more.