Saturday, March 12, 2011

Could it finally be teeth?

So we've been convinced that the Q has been teething since 8 weeks old. The chewing, the drooling, etc. But here we are at almost 8 months and still NO teeth! How can that be? We've jumped on the "oh he must be teething" bandwagon several times in the last few months. Only to be greeted each morning with an empty mouth. Very puzzling...

Again, for the last few days we've been thinking it again. This time I wanted to try and snap a few pics so I could examine them closer. Do you have any idea how hard it is to see inside a baby's mouth? Especially when their tongue muscle could probably lift 50lbs and can push your finger out of the way with very little effort? The microsecond that you get when you push their tongue out of the way is not nearly long enough to get a good look. Thank god for cameras!

So here is what I've come up with . I can clearly see the outline of the teeth in the front of the gums (in the sippy cup picture) and this morning I can see a clearish "slit" where his bottom left (his left) tooth should be coming out.

What do you think? Am I imagining? Let's see what the next few days bring.

Playing dentist,

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  1. Sam's gums look like that too. He's cutting his top teeth right now.

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  2. Aww his gums really swelled up.. :-(