Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing "Scrappy" Catch-Up

I got a couple new layouts done today, as well as scanned in a bunch I did a couple months ago. It's been way too long since I scrapped. Hoping my mojo sticks around for a while. Here are just a few {favorites} out of the bunch I scanned. You can click here to see his entire scrapbook.

So I'm almost done his first album, his "baby" book which consists of my pregnancy, his birth and the first 4 weeks. After which I'm doing a mini-book for his monthly photos for the first year (12 pages), then will work on random pictures after that so I'm not freaked out by trying to scrap every moment of the rest of his life. When did scrapbooking become so stressful?

Chaining my mojo to my desk,


  1. gorgeous photos and your layouts are just priceless-great job and thanks for sharing :)