Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Always aim for more...

When my son first started eating solid foods on his own (little rice puffs that dissolve in the mouth), he wasn't to dexterous. He would try and pick up one little puff at a time, but because he had not yet mastered the pincer grasp (thumb and index finger coming together to pick up), he had a really hard time actually getting anything into his mouth.

His pincer grasp still isn't perfected yet. In fact, he's pretty much ditched that whole idea altogether for a more favourable one. Basically my sons' theory is "just aim for a whole handful, and you're bound to get atleast one"! So far it's working pretty good for him. And it has made me think...

Way too often we settle for second best. We become comfortable in our skin, which makes us tend to put on weight. We get comfortable in our marriage, which tends to make us put forth less effort. And we also tend to take things for granted.... our friends will always be there, even if we haven't talked in months, they will be ready and waiting to chat when I feel like calling. Right?

Maybe it's time we all start aiming for a little more in our lives. Being greedy isn't always bad (when you are wanting more of the right things). No, it doesn't mean you will get everything you are reaching for, but atleast you'll get something. Right?

Learning from my son,


  1. My baby does the same thing. She isn't happy unless she has a handful of puffs in her hand at supper lol. Very good life lesson :)

  2. These are great words to live by... at least something... thanks for sharing.. I am doing a little bit more everyday...

  3. You are such a smart woman and a great mama! I am so proud to call you my friend! :) <3

  4. What a great comparison and such a cute picture. I love those little hands LOL!