Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Never a dull moment around here...

After being in the hospital 3 times in one week, I am so glad things seem to be going well for now. Started out with having to get baby's heartbeat monitored for an arrhythmia (which now has corrected itself and is not a concern), to a couple incidences of sudden bleeding which landed me in the hospital overnight. I was given 2 steroid injections to help mature baby's lungs just in case s/he decides to come early. But for the time being, everything seems to be going well, baby looks great on ultrasound and no more incidences of bleeding (knock-on-wood). Let's just hope the rest of this pregnancy is uneventful. Please!

On another note, our basement is being torn up to finally fix the leaking that we've had since we've moved in. Not very fond of renos (they stress me out) but will be so glad to get this behind us.

And of course my other little munchkin is growing like a weed and is getting funnier by the day. Walking everywhere now, he has officially decided he is done with crawling... so proud of him!

Takin' it easy,


  1. Oh wow, that's a bit of a scare, eh? Glad things seem to be back to normal, and I'm sure it will all be smooth sailing from here on in! Hugs, Roxy.