Friday, April 20, 2012

I have fallen in love...

...with this picture. We were out at Fielding Park last weekend (where Hugh and I got married in 2007). Just a little picnic and a walk along the trails. Brought Clyde with us (my Canon Rebel) just to take a few random shots, nothing posed or planned. Just for fun.

I suppose that is why it's not so surprising I ended up with a new favourite photograph of Quinn. The best ones are always random, when you aren't trying. I just love this boy to pieces! And this photograph just melts my heart....

...his dirty Italian leather shoes, his cute little "shuffle" as he walks and inspects the road in front of him, swinging his left arm so carefree, with his sippy cup in a football hold under his other arm. Seriously. Does life get any more precious than this?

Best. Picture. Ever!


  1. Haven't popped in to say "hi" in quite some time and wow has Quinn grown! LOVE this picture I can see why it's a new favorite:)