Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One and a half YEARS!!!

That's how long it's been since I posted here! Slacking much? Seems like since I gave up scrapbooking, I haven't had much to share! Silly really considering I've got two amazing little boys (who are now 3.5 and 2 yrs old) - how the heck did that happen! I guess I just tend to post everything to Facebook cause it's quicker and easier and figure people don't really want to read lots of details about my daily life. I mean really, how exciting is it as a stay at home mom. Pretty much every day is the same. But what a blessing each day is, and I'm fortunate to STILL be home with the kids! In my defence it's been a really busy 1.5 years. We moved! 400 kms north to Timmins Ontario. I started a new online business (a little baby accessory shop) Quinn & Lane which recently branched out into a second online shop for Nursery/Home/Wedding Decor Quinn & Lane Designs. Um, so yeah. Just a little busy. But I'm loving life. My boys are growing, flourishing and having fun. My husband works hard but NO LONGER TRAVELS!!! We have a beautiful almost-century old home that I think is amazing (I will share pics soon). I love my little online shops, my Facebook Fan Page has the best fans, and my customers are wonderful. Life is good!

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