Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Scrap Space is Clean!

Phew! I'm finally done! Yes, I still have a tons of "stuff" I need to get rid of, but seen as though this was already a 2 day event to get it to this point, I figured I can live with a little extra clutter for a while longer.

So here are some pics of my studio, finally organized the way it should be (click to view full size in a new window):

Btw, here is what my space looked like during demo 2 years ago when DH renovated this room for me (it was an old man's work room when we moved in -- we even found empty vodka bottles stashed in the ceiling)! That was a fun day! Too bad they were empty.

Now I'm totally in the mood to scrap! This deep clean really got my mojo flowing (besdies, who doesn't love scrapping in a clean space)! So get to it! Get your mojo going by cleaning up your scrap space. Take some pics and blog about it, then link back here in a comment so I can check out your space and leave some love!

Happy Cleaning,


  1. Looks great Cat! I am so jealous!

  2. My space will ever be nearly as clean. Or half as clean. Never. It wasn't even that clean when I first moved in. It's a disaster. Send help.

  3. Clean?!? Then I wouldn't be able to find anything LOL. Love your space!

  4. What a great space!
    My space is usually clean because it's on the main floor and everyone sees it. However, I don't get to scrap in there too often because my boys are usually in there on the computer.

  5. WOW - you have such a big space! It looks amazing...mine on the other hand is a disaster! You've inspired me to get cleaning!!

  6. wow it looks awesome you are so lucky!!