Monday, May 24, 2010

Go on, take a guess!

Nothing scrappy to post today. Been a week or so since I scrapped. My mojo is MIA again. Could be due to the fact that I think the third-tri insomnia has kicked in. Not sleeping good at night, but I'm not going to complain. I have the luxury of napping during the day if I need to. Just want to find that mojo of mine so I can get a few layouts done for some challenges that are due this week!

Anyway, in the meantime I just thought I'd make a quick blog post, and see if you've submitted your guess in our Baby Pool yet? It's just for fun, and only takes a second to enter your guess. So if you haven't already, go on -- take a guess:

I've noticed a major growth spurt in Quinn this past weekend. Feels like he's gotten HUGE! But he's still breech, which means I'm getting some really strong kicks *ahem* *cough* down there *cough* *cough*. Needless to say, it hurts and kinda freaks me out a bit. I swear I'm gonna see a foot sticking out any minute!

So a question for you mommas out there (or mammas-to-be)... Did you ever feel like baby was trying to break free when you were pregnant? Did it shock you just how strong he/she was? Freak you out a little? Maybe you can share your story with me
(leave me a comment) so I can relax a bit and not worry so much... (yeah like we all know I'm going to stop worrying anytime soon). Pffft!

Harboring a little escape artist who stole my mojo,


  1. Cat....your not alone. Markie i thought was a soccer player. But i knew the more he kicked the stronger he was getting. Markie would kick me so hard that it took my breath away. Hang in there

  2. I got a bunch of strong kicks that felt like I was getting a pap done lol...shocked me quite a bit at first...nothing like feeling like you've been violated by your baby lol. I'm pretty sure my baby girl is head down now so all of my kicks are now at belly button height or higher...nothing stranger than having a bum stick out of you just below your ribs though...weirdest looking bump ever at that point lol.

  3. Yes, Kimmie. I can relate to the "take your breath away" comment. I gasp sometimes and it freaks my hubby out (although I tell him his being startled is nothing compared to what I just experienced).

    Kari, that is exactly how it feels (pap). It's a very sharp, funny bone type feeling, like a shock. What's weird is I don't really know that he is breech (I'm assuming) because of the forcefullness of the lower kicks. I get movement all over my belly but the strong ones are down below, so I'm assuming his legs would be strongest, therefor assuming breech. I dunno....

    My whole belly is like an earthquake sometimes! Ha!

  4. I had the same problem, but upside down. Getting kicked in the ribs is really no fun. And once, his little foot was either stiif straight or wedged on my rib cage. Looking at a little foot outside your ribs was sooo wierd. I wish I would have thought to snao a pic. It is also wierd when it feels like you take a kick/punch/elbow to a random internal organ. Why does the uterus have to be so close to the kidneys, lol?

  5. My son used to kick so much it was crazy. I know exactly the thuds you are talking about and I have to say I was never so painfully aware of that area until I was pregnant with him. THe good news is (and I'm not sure there is anything to this it's just what happened with my 2) my son was kicker right to the end but then he was and still is today the most calm boy ever. Everyone always comments on his calm nature. My Daughter never the point where it worried me often...and she came out and seriously has not been still for 2 seconds since. She is a wild one. So maybe it's good that Quinn is getting his kicks in now.