Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello's me, Catherine!

Where the heck are you? Seriously! It's been weeks since I've seen you and I really want to get some creative stuff done, but without you I'm lost! All I want to do is nap. Sure, sure. Blame it on the pregnancy. That's the easy way out.


Hey peeps! I need your help! I really need to get my butt in gear and get some scrapping done but I'm really having a hard time getting started. I know exactly what I want to do (got my photos printed, my sketch ready to go) but just can't seem to bring myself to sit at my desk and scrap them! I find myself snuggling up on the couch instead wanting to nap. Got any suggestions?

I also need to get some more Thank You cards made for my stash before baby gets here. Gonna need them to send out to those who send us gifts for him. And if I don't do them before he gets here, well how on earth will I thank people?

So if you got any words of wisdom to get me off the couch (or even a swift kick in the you-know-what will do), please -- let me have it! In the meantime, here are a couple cards I did last week to start my stash.....

I found the CUTEST little stamp at Michaels on clearance a couple weeks ago. I thought it was perfect for the back of my handmade cards (remember, we have 3 bunnies as pets). I couldn't resist!

Hunting for my mojo (aka: "napping"),


  1. When I find myself wanting to just hang TV or read I grab my paper, a pen and just start making a list of all the creative stuff I want to do. This usually gives me a kick and I want to do something!!:)

  2. LOL that stamp is too cute! I have come to realize if you are really not in the mood to scrap you can't force it.

  3. I say go with what your body is telling you. This week you are tired so week your Mojo may want all of your go with that:) You must need the allow yourself these slumps. I know...I'm not I'll be quiet now.

  4. Tina I'm starting to think you are right. Nothing seems to be able to get me to create if I just don't feel like it. Thanks Melonie, that is a big help. Takes the guilt away! :)

    Leslie I'll have to try that. Not a bad idea!