Sunday, July 10, 2011

I now know my purpose!

We always wonder sometimes what our purpose in life is. Why are we here? Some of us may never figure it out. But for those of us who are lucky enough to be hit with the realization of what our purpose is, it's awesome!

I now know that I was meant to be a mom! Of course, since Quinn has been born I have been a mom to him every day. And I'm pretty good at it. But it's only the past few days that I realized what my job really is! It's not just loving and caring for him, but teaching him as well. After having so many issues trying to get him to feed himself over the past couple months, I have finally had some success this past weekend. I've realized that by giving him a bit of control over his "choices" he is actually smart enough to pick up on the fact that he has to feed himself if he gets hungry and will try different foods given the opportunity and if provided with enough time/patience on my behalf.

He has been an eating machine, trying everything (not always liking everything but atleast trying everything) on his plate. I knew he was smart but didn't realize just how smart he was. I guess I just never gave him the opportunity to show me. Ok, so maybe I'm not the one teaching him. Maybe he's the one teaching me? Needless to say I am so so so proud of my little boy.

This morning I got to sleep in while Daddy got up with Quinn. I laid there for the longest time by myself and it was so quiet while Daddy & Quinn played. I started to feel lonely. So I got up. When I walked into the sunroom, Quinn saw me, squealed with delight and "ran" (on all fours) to me. I picked him up and he slobbered me with loud "aahhhhhh" open-mouthed kisses (he's been on a kissing strike for weeks now). My heart filled up and I was no longer lonely. Solidifying my purpose in life without a doubt.

I love this guy...

Proud Stay-at-Home Momma,

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