Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is it Fall yet?

Sure feels like it here in Northern Ontario! Wow what a quick temperature change! I don't mind it one bit though. Being 6 months pregnant, the cooler temps are most definitely welcome! As long as we still get some sun, I'll be a happy Momma!

So a few things to update...had a routine OB appointment couple weeks ago. All is going well. The anatomy scan I had at 21 weeks is completely normal and baby looks fantastic. I was so worried. You know me... Fundal height is about 2cm higher/larger than it was measuring with Quinn at this stage. Big baby? Who knows... I'm just happy s/he is doing well. And yes, we are still Team Green!

We have our 3D ultrasound scheduled for Sept 30th at noon (my bday). Can't wait to see baby's face "for real" and hopefully the tech does not accidentally show us gender. The ultrasound will also be broadcast live on the UCbaby website that day/time. I get to choose 8 people to watch the scan as it happens! Should be fun!

And that's about it! Nothing else new, other than the fact my son just keeps getting cuter, smarter & way funnier as each day passes. Here's proof...

At the Buskerfest in Toronto

First ride on a carousel at the CNE Toronto

And yet another haircut! He thought it was funny...

Almost walking in the splash pad in Toronto

His favourite thing to do on earth!

RibFest Sudbury

Labour Day at Nana & Grandpa's

One lucky Momma,

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