Sunday, December 4, 2011

What it's like to win the lottery....TWICE!!!

Atleast that's how I feel. Like we tempted fate or something and went for the jackpot a second time. And boy did we cash in! I cannot believe how perfect our son is! Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention (for my non-facebook-stalkers), we had our baby!

Lane Noel (pronounced "Knowl") Stewart (Yes, another BOY) decided to come water broke around 10:30 pm on November 20th. So we rushed into the hospital (we are total pros at that now) and he was born at 3:02am November 21st! He weighed 6lbs 9oz and was 19" long!

We took both boys in to our favourite photgrapher Julie Mckee from Captured Moments Photography and got some awesome shots. Looking at the pictures I truly feel like we have won the lottery twice, we are so so so blessed!

Mom of two boys,


  1. Congratulations! He is so precious!!

  2. You are indeed a LUCKY girl!! Lane is perfect:) SO happy for all of you!! Congrats!