Saturday, December 31, 2011

In December 2011...

...we enjoyed some quiet time by the Christmas tree

...Quinn got sick for the first time and was super cuddly (very unlike him)

...we attempted our first ever "brothers" photograph. Hoping subsequent ones go much better

...Quinn took his first shower and hated it, so we turned it into a bath while he brushed his teeth

...and my itty bitty baby turned one month old! My, how the month (and year) flew by

Goodbye 2011, you were an awesome year but we are so looking forward to even more awesomeness in 2012!!!

Happy New Year,


  1. Your boys are too cute! Noah showers with my 90% of the time b/c it's just easier for me to get him clean while I shower myself. He doesn;t mind it since I throw toys down there with him to play with.


  2. I'm hoping for that. That way when Hugh travels Quinn can shower with me at night and bath time becomes one less chore. Lol