Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just what I needed, more indecision!

As if I didn't have a hard enough time making up my mind before, now I've made it even harder on myself. So far I've learned to take pretty good photos straight out of the camera (SOOC) but then I discovered Adobe Lightroom! And of course after that followed her friend Adobe Photoshop! Then I met The CoffeeShop Blog... Presets & Actions, Oh my!

Really, is the photo editing ever going to end? I could edit a single photo 5 different ways (or more) and love them all! Which ones do I post to share? Which ones do I print? And which version do I blow up and frame? Gah!!!!!

Here's just a bit of the editing I did today... let me know what you think, which are your favorites?

Original (after a few small edits in Lightroom)

After a CoffeShop Action

Original after white balance and brightness edit

After a CoffeeShop Action

Original SOOC no edits (point & shoot)

After CoffeeShop Action

Original SOOC no edits (with DSLR)

After CoffeeShop Action

After CoffeeShop Action (different one)

So a question for my photog friends... (if you've gotten this far and are still reading and haven't been blinded by all the baby cuteness): what do you choose? Does it depend on your mood that day? Do you have a certain "look/style" that you always go for? Do you edit all your everyday photos with actions/presets? I'd love to hear your feedback!

So overwhelmed,


  1. I have no idea, but I LOVE THESE BOYS!

  2. The Coffeeshop action is really new thing that i heard about.Looking forward to it.Thanks.

  3. hi i´m from germany and found your blog by just clicking around :)

    I think the original photos looks better, they are more colorful.
    i have a sweet two-years-old thaughter and it´s really hard for me to choose photos for the album. i the first year i picked up round about 3000 photos and chose about 200 or more for the album. i did not start yet cause i´m still collecting scrapbookingmateriales and do not have so much time, so i don´t know how all the photos should fit into the album :)))

    i wish you the best for future

    greetings and bye

  4. I found your blog by clicking "Next blog". I like your originals better than the coffee shop versions. The coffee shops look a bit bland. Trust your own eye!
    p.s. Way to go with the sleep training. Sleep is soooo under-rated.