Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sleep is NOT overrated!

I'm just not one of those moms who can survive on a few hours of sleep at night. Nor can I handle random night wakings. Maybe I've been spoiled with a really good sleeper as my first (Quinn). But I need a schedule to survive and feel atleast somewhat human.

So I work hard at it. Sleep training my babies. Quinn was easy. Started him at 4 months. Everyone laughed at me when I told them I was sleep training him. Who's laughing now? He is the BEST sleeper EVER (3hr daytime nap, 12-13hrs at night without a peep, like clockwork no deviation, no exaggeration). Lane on the other hand has proven to be a bit more of a challenge. Suffering from colic and not even being able to cat nap on his own, I definitely needed to take action!

We switched formula on the advice of a couple awesome momma friends of mine. That, combined with 6 chiropractor sessions, Lane is a completely new baby! It's so nice to finally be able to interact with him while he's awake and NOT screaming. We are even enjoying his smiles and hearing him "talk".

Here is a pic of him at his last chiro session, doing some pre-stretches while waiting for the doctor to come in.

So now that we have a happy baby we've been able to work on a schedule. Bedtime at 7:30pm. Dreamfeed at 10pm. Night feeding at 3am. Wakeup at 7am. 3 hr morning nap in crib at 9:30am. Afternoon nap in crib or swing at 4pm. All times slightly flexible of course but not much deviation. So far so good. Hoping it keeps up cause I really like this schedule!

And because it allows me some alone time with both my babies separately. And some alone time for just me! When Lane goes down for his morning nap I have 2 hours alone with Quinn. Quinn goes down from Noon-2:30/3pm so I have one hour to myself before Lane wakes up around 1pm. Then I have atleast 1 hr alone with Lane before Quinn wakes up. And again in the afternoon a couple hours alone with Quinn while Lane naps again. The. Best. Schedule. Ever!

Especially since both babies are in bed by 7:30/8pm and that leaves the evening free (and quiet) for the grownups!!!

Maybe a bit OCD,

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  1. I love that pic and I'm so glad things are on the up! Woooot!