Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Time to Say Goodbye! *sniff*

Ok so this is sort of mean of me. But I knew that title would grab your attention. You did click it after all right? Well, no worries. I'm not going anywhere. Neither is the Quinn & Lane shop. But…

…the time has come to say goodbye to some of the Sippy Cup/Toy Strap styles I have in my shop. Some of the fabrics have been discontinued and I can't re-order. I do have a few of these still available in very limited quantities. Some have already sold out:

Green/Grey/Lime Diamonds on White
Green Stripes
Orange/Green/White Dots on Teal
Red/Blue/Lime Argyle
Lime Dots
In case you haven't already guessed, I get a little attached to my products. So to see these styles go for good makes me a little sad. I put a lot of thought into the fabrics I choose, thinking about what styles YOU would like for your little ones. What colours would make your little ones happy? These were definitely some of my favourites!

But I have good news too! I've been able to re-stock some of YOUR favourites that have previously sold out and I ordered some brand NEW styles too! I can't wait for you to see them. I think you and your kiddos will love them! I promise to post a sneak peek soon! In the meantime, make sure you snatch up these great styles before they are gone for good. They won't last long!

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