Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mother Nature is Missing!

It's not official yet, but I'm pretty convinced that {{{Mother Nature has gone missing}}}. Or abducted. We should probably file a missing person's report and put out an Amber Alert for her. The ridiculous amounts of ***snow*** we've been getting over the past two weeks should be proof enough. Kinda getting annoyed now. So once again, I'm left trying to entertain and keep two toddlers happy and saving us from going cUCkoO.

20 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy
Found this great link today, LOVE LOVE LOVE these ideas. But today I'm feeling lazy so we have just stuck with the good ol' sensory bin filled with water. In today's bin we have paintbrushes, measuring spoons, straws, colanders, medicine droppers and toothbrushes (hey why not sneak in a {dental hygiene} lesson while were at it)? Although Lane did more teeth brushing using the pain brushes rather than tooth brushes.

I love how this photo looks like everything is tidy and dry. This photo was taken at the start people. Trust me. Things were not so dry (kids either) after 5 minutes. But they had fun. I got about 20 minutes of quiet time. Made a coffee without "help", went pee by myself (that seems to be a new trend this week and I'm totally loving it).

What are some of your favourite activities to keep your kiddos busy? I'd love to hear them. I don't think "spring" is around the corner anytime soon!

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