Monday, March 31, 2014

Make plans, then be prepared to change them!

This is going to be my new piece of advice for anyone asking me what it's like to be a mom. Sure, I've received great advice over the years: sleep when they sleep, keep track when you last showered (not a joke, sometimes I still can't remember) and my favourite, if they get sick, be prepared to fall ill yourself. You WILL catch every. single. germ. they bring home!

This is what happened to us this weekend. We had big plans. The weather was suppose to be beautiful (and it was) we were finally going to be able to get out and get some fresh air. After all, the kids were scheduled for minor surgery today for ear tubes. So we wanted to pack the weekend full of fun!

Then Saturday morning Quinn started vomiting. He's never vomited before. Never even spit up as an infant. Needless to say he was confused and kept saying "sorry mom, sorry". He learned the valuable benefit of a "puke bucket" this weekend and mastered the art of hitting his target like a pro. Once we got him to bed we thought we were in the clear. Well we were. For Quinn.

At about 10pm as we headed up to bed, Lane was crying. He had already been sleeping for 3 hrs at this point and he starts vomiting. It was a long night. Four bed changes and PJ changes he finally settled in about 2am with an empty stomach and no more vomiting. I spent the night with Quinn in his bed, while my husband slept in the bed in Lane's room next to his crib. Neither of us managed to get much sleep. But wait…it get's worse!

I wake up about 3am vomiting. This went on until 7am when the kids woke up. At which point I told my husband he was on his own for the day as I would be hiding in bed. I honestly never felt so awful in my life (including the flu I had last month). It was bad.

Lane after surgery stuffing
his face with cookies.
As I laid in bed, all I kept thinking (cause I wasn't doing much sleeping) was that we were going to have to reschedule the boys ear tube surgery. Putting it off another month which I really did not want to do. But by 5am when I woke up this morning I felt so much better. The kids were better, so we packed them up into the car and headed to the hospital. I figured we would tell the staff at the hospital what occurred over the weekend, and if they felt they weren't up to the surgery we could reschedule.

Quinn, not yet awake
from the anesthetic.
I'm happy to say all went well. Both boys had their tubes put in, neither of them worse for the wear and to be honest I don't think either of them remember now what transpired this morning. They are so resilient! So yes, my new piece of advice is "if you make plans be prepared to change them" cause it's incredible how quickly things can change when you have little ones at home. The unexpected always seems to happen, and at the worst time. 

It's going to be an early bed time tonight for all of us I think. It was a busy weekend, but not in the way I had hoped and we are all exhausted!

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