Thursday, March 20, 2014

Making "Sketti" and Trying to Survive!

It's been a L  O  N  G winter here in Timmins Ontario. The snow started flying in October and it hasn't stopped since. In fact it's been snowing pretty much all last weekend and all week adding lots more snow to the tons we already have on the ground. I don't think there are many snowbanks out there less than 5 feet high (any locals reading this feel free to comment and let me know if I'm wrong). And that's AFTER the city did a major snow removal on our streets.

It's also been VERY {{{cold}}} most days are too cold to bring the little ones out to play. Even bundling them up to go to playgroup is not worth it on those days. Needless to say I've been running out of ideas to keep me and the kids from going crazy. We are just barely surviving now. Our noses glued to the window waiting for the snow to stop. I said to Quinn the other day "look outside, it's snowing" (cause really, it was pretty)! Quinn is a boy with few words (he's been in speech therapy over a year now and making great strides) but even he managed to say "oh no, not again"! So yeah, even the boys are feeling the cabin fever. Every morning Quinn wakes up and says "no outside mom, cold". So there you go.

Yesterday he wanted to make "sketti" (spaghetti). Obviously, I'm an awesome mother (right now he's eating dried parmesan cheese from a bowl with a spoon) so I won't let him use the stove. So instead I set up a bucket of water and let him "cook" his own pasta in cold water. It took a while. A long while. But it did eventually get soft (he may or  may not have eaten some). But it kept him and his brother busy all afternoon. So yeah…awesome mother right here! Kids were happy and I had a bit of a break (I got to pee by myself).

Today I filled the bin with cheerios. We have boxes and boxes of cheerios. No one ever eats them. My kids are probably the only ones on the planet that don't like cheerios. So I figured I'd let them scoop them, shovel them, dump them. Whatever. Again. I got to pee by myself. Twice! Life is good!

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