Friday, March 21, 2014

Seven Years

Today you would have turned 7 years old. Some people say time heals. Nope. Even with two healthy rainbow baby boys, I feel your loss even more now than the day I met you and said goodbye. Seven years ago. I have to say it a couple times to believe it. Doesn't really feel that long.

It's your Daddy's birthday today too. I'm glad he shares his birthday with you. It's such a special day. The day we met you. They day we said goodbye to you. So many memories and emotions packed into one day. I know your dad doesn't see his birthday the same way anymore. He feels lucky to share the day with you but I know he feels extra sad on his birthday too.

I can't help but keep thinking what a great big sister you would have been. And what a great helper to Mommy you would be. Every time we take the kids somewhere to play, and I see Quinn connect with a little girl about your age, I can't help but smile and think "that could have been you".

I miss you baby girl. Always will. Will always wonder why you aren't with us. We see you in the boys. We think of you every day. We miss you more than anyone will ever know.

Mommy "aka"

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  1. Bless you for sharing. I don't know your religious beliefs, but if we are alike, I hope you take some comfort in knowing your precious Angel is in the arms of her Maker and watching over you and your family. One day you will be reunited forever and walk along golden roads. In prayer~Erin